Our Objectives & GoalsSummary of our Foundation principles


The association is a non-profit organisation established with the objective of working within the framework of the act of South Africa for education, culture, sports and social well –being of the Limpopo and Gauteng communities.

Community Participation

Ensure the fullest possible community representation participation and governance in all aspects of the organization.

Suistained Revenue

Ensure that Mpho Mathoho foundation is sustained through various forms of revenue.

Organisational xcelece

Maintain the highest standards of organizational excellence in terms of the governance, management and administration of Mpho Mathoho foundation.

Free Education

To promote the principles of free education, diversity of output, access to education by the community, the widest representation of viewpoint to give the fullest expression to the aspirations and culture of the South Africa, particularly those based in greater Limpopo.


Create awareness about the concept of Mpho Mathoho foundation through marketing, community outreach and education to encourage and ensure on going community participation at all levels.


Do regular planning, marketing and fundraising for Mpho Mathoho foundation to ensure its relevance, popularity and sustainability in the service of the community of Limpopo.

NPO Governance

The association will operate in the terms of non-profit organization in South Africa.

Community Support

To support the principle that community should be controlled and operated at local level by politically independent bodies not attached to any religious, political or business interests.

About usMpho Mathoho Foundation

Mpho Mathoho foundation was started by Mpho Mathoho, entrepreneur and founder of Mathoho electrical and projects who comes from a very humble beginnings, paving his way amid often trying circumstances towards establishing what is today one of the most successful electrical construction companies in south Africa...

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